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The Makings of Music

October 2 –28, 2012
Opening Reception Friday October 5th, 5-8pm

Martha Briana
Musical Moonlight
Jake Chase
Cigar Box Mandolin

Some leading anthropologists hold to the idea that we can place the time at which we became human (the humans that we recognize ourselves to be today), at about thirty-five thousand years ago, the point at which we began making something very special. ( No, not Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey) For a long, long time before then, we made tons of nifty tools, we had vocal communications, we could paint on walls and objects and we could make very sexy sculptures. Auspicious beginnings no doubt, but were those prolific artisans the human beings we know today? Not entirely, apparently. And not just because they didn’t shave with cordless razors, perform plastic surgery or make money and gold framed mirrors. No, we didn’t step into full card- carrying humanhood until we started making..... musical instruments. The arrival of the musical instrument marks a pivotal change in human evolution. Why?... because of the depth of complex creativity that is required to make such a wondrous, magical object and then what the product of the instrument - music! - does for our lives, our spirit, and our sense of self as well as the changes that it inspires us to assimilate, not only socially, but quite likely physiologically within our brains and in our hearts. Since that first bone flute, and that skin drum or that stretched gut string, we’ve been having at it with the whole music thing, to the point of making art, about the art, of the makings of music. We hope you will join us.

Artists showing work will be Joe Ascrizzi, Tony Ascrizzi, Martha Briana, Stephen Brown, Jake Chase, Lincoln Clapp, Heidi Daub, Linden Frederick, David Holbrook, Kevin Johnson, Mark Kelly, Richard Mann, Edward MacKenzie, Leslie Miller, Toki Oshima, Louise Philbrick, Wesley Reddick, Willy Reddick and Meryl Ruth.

Lincoln Clapp Cherry Electric Guitar
Meryl Ruth
Tea-Sharp Harmony Teapot

“Algorithm” plays Åarhus Gallery in October

The Rockland based electronic/ambient duo "Algorithm" returns to the Aarhus Gallery in Belfast on Saturday, October 27 at 7pm. The group is comprised of Mike Whitehead, trumpet and fluglehorn, and Tom Luther on keyboards. The basic form of the group is supplemented by substantial use of electronic instruments, both live and sequenced. Both musicians are experienced jazz performers, and use their improvising skills in the context of modern electronica and ambient music.

"We're truly an amalgam of several different approaches," says Luther. "The idea of playing along with recorded material goes back to the early electronic music of the French musique concrete, while our sound is really more related to the work of Brian Eno and Jon Hassell in the 1970s. In one sense it’s really an extension of our jazz performance, but in another its a complete departure". Both musicians compose for the group, and create the electronic textures that serve as the musical landscapes which they traverse during their performances.

Algorithm combines the fixed electronic backgrounds with live mixing and improvisation to make each performance unique, and infinitely variable. "It can get a little dicey managing the live performance with the manipulation of the technology, but it really adds a potent element to our performances,” says Luther.

Suggested donation $10, light refreshments will be served.

November through December


November 2nd - December 24, 2012
Opening Reception Friday November 2nd, 5-8pm
Aarhus Gallery announces its Holiday Extravaganza small works show with 70+ Maine Artists, Craftsmen, Poets and Musicians: 47 days

Panorama photo by Al Arthur