April 3rd-27th, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday April 4th, 5-8pm

Please join us for a show entitled ‘Paper’, which runs from April 3rd through April 27th with an opening reception Friday April 4th, 5-8pm.

Paper…. plentiful, prosaic, powerful. Our ‘Paper’ show, plain and simply is… artworks that speak of paper. This would include but is not limited to: works on paper, works about paper or works made of paper.

Curiously, the earliest use of paper we know of is the wrapping paper for a delicate bronze mirror from about 180 B.C. unearthed in China. But paper as we know it, didn’t become used by the common person until after the1840’s when mass produced wood pulp paper, the steam powered printing press, the fountain pen and the mighty pencil came on line all at about the same time. This perfect storm of technological advances caused ground shaking shifts in the 19th century economy and societies of the world’s industrial nations. Why? Because paper is pretty stupendous stuff. It enabled (and still does enable) the common people to express their ideas for the world to reflect upon. Not the least of which are the quiet revelations of a child upon seeing a family likeness in their scibbles on a piece of newsprint, the quick sketch of a problem solved on the back of an envelope, or the poetry in the stark simplicity of a paper cut.

So tear on down to Åarhus and un-wrap your mind around… Paper. It just might give you something to draw from.

Featured artists include; Daniel Anselmi, Constance Cossette, Maryjean Crowe, David Estey, Mark Kelly, Bennett Konesni, Karen MacDonald, Richard Mann, Leslie Miller, Ben Potter, Abbie Read, Wesley Reddick, Willy Reddick, Dyan Ross and Kari Van Tine.

Click here to read the review by Britta Konau in The Free Press.

Maryjean Viano Crowe, Beauty and Terror, cut paper on plexiglass, 30" x 44"

Maryjean Viano Crowe, Beauty and Terror, cut paper on plexiglass, 30″ x 44″