With Heavy Hearts We Make this Announcement

Dear Friends,

You may have heard murmurings regarding the future of Åarhus. As you can imagine, Åarhus has been a labor of love for us for these seven years. We have met so many talented artists and have had the great privilege of mounting over 70 exhibitions and handling outstanding work from a diverse range of disciplines from this remarkable and expansive creative community. The hard truth is that despite our efforts, our wine and cheese, our pristine walls, the artists’ terrific work, and your patronage, sales have not been energetic enough to keep us afloat. Ålas, we must go! Åarhus Gallery will be shutting its doors at the end of the year. We are full of gratitude for our beloved community of Belfast, and our many dear friends beyond, for the enthusiasm and appreciation you all showed for what we were attempting here.

We chose a less commercial route through the gallery business, but we were only ever pursuing a conception, of art in place, a place on Main Street in Belfast. We realized our vision with the help of you all. Thank you.

The Åarhusians (Mark, Richard, Wes and Willy)

Into The Black Party at Aarhus

Friday, January 9th 2015 from 5 to 9 pm
Friends of Aarhus will be holding one last party at the Gallery as a fitting send off for over seven great years of art in Belfast.

For more details check the Into The Black facebook page.


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